CurrentC, built by MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange), has joined the competition with mobile payments alongside Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Instead of using the NFC technology that Wallet and Pay use, CurrentC uses QR codes to verify payments.

While Apple Pay and Google Wallet use credit and debit cards, CurrentC bypasses the cards and goes straight to the user’s bank account so that there are no 2 and 3% fees tagged along with the transactions.

CurrentC is currently available on iOS and Android and is going to possibly be accepted it a wide variety of chains including CVS, 7-Eleven, Publix, Wawa, as well as multiple nationwide gas stations, as well as many other chains.

Will anyone actually move to CurrentC over Google Wallet and Apple Pay? From what the reactions are online, most likely not. For example, Apple and Android users have already made a Reddit post to boycott CurrentC since the communities feel their actions are pushing companies away from supporting Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

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