Mountain View, CA

Google has reported that for 2015, its self-driving car will now sport new headlights (new because older prototypes had none), improving braking and steering controls and that manual controls will remain in the car for a while longer as the Mountain View, the CA-based company continues testing.

But don’t hold your breath as you wait to get one for yourself, the car is not expected to be available for consumer purchase until sometime in 2017.

Much like the Nexus smartphones, Google won’t actually build it themselves, instead are looking for an existing auto manufacturer to bring it all together.  Inside rumor is that Ford and Toyota are both considering it, though significant negotiations have not yet started.

Getting ready for the future, California and Nevada have already passed laws approving self-driving cars and there is pending legislation in 17 other states to allow the autonomous cars on their streets and freeways too.

No word yet if owners can program it to drive routes through Ingress portals and farms, leaving the riders free to hack and attack.

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