French investigators have confirmed the wreckage found on the French island of Reunion did come from Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which disappeared 17 months ago.  Speaking to reporters, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak also confirmed the fate of MH370.

Investigators, consisting of the Bureau d’enquêtes et d’analyses, French gendarmes, and magistrates were watched by representatives from Boeing, Chinese officials, and Malaysian Airlines.

The “flaperon” was covered in marine crustaceans which investigators hope to use to determine where it crashed at and the path it travels to reach the island by analyzing the cellular make up of the marine life attached to the flaperon.  It is hoped that with that information, the location of the downed and missing airliner can be found.  To date, the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is the only missing 777, ever.

France is currently heading up the investigation because debris was found on French territory and four French nationals were on board the flight.

The search is still on for the missing Black Boxes which are expected to help investigators understand why MH370 crashed.

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