Winter Park, Fla.

A 72-year-old Winter Park man was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after being bit by a venomous viper.

Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife responded to the home of Temple Drive and confirmed that the snake was a Gaboon viper.

The 20-inch-long viper is owned by the victim who has only has been identified as the retired science teacher. Officials say that the man did have the proper license for the viper among the other 10 snakes in his home.

Investigators say that the snake did not get loose but that the man was bitten inside on his hand.

The man was rushed to the hospital and received a dose of antivenin from the Central Florida Zoo. Additional antivenin is being brought in from Miami.

Officials say that the Gaboon viper contained enough venom to kill two people.

The Gaboon viper is native to the rainforest and the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. It has the longest longs in the viper family that can grow up to 2 inches.

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