Sanford, Fla.

Sanford Police was able to capture a pet monkey that was on the loose running around eating mail and tearing up vehicles on Monday.

Officers were called Monday morning around 8:00 am when a resident in the Hidden Lakes subdivision saw a monkey taking mail out of a mailbox and eating it.

Video taken by residents shows the monkey running around the neighborhood climbing on signs and cars.

When police arrived they meet with a Macaque, named Zeek.

Zeek in response to the officer’s arrival climbed cruiser and began to pull molding off the cruiser.

Police were able to distract the monkey with a bottle of water while the owner arrived and was able to safely retrieve the monkey.

Officers with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation have said that the monkey’s escape was not the owner’s fault. The monkey had manipulated and twisted the clasps on its cage.

The owner was cited by FWC for needing to update his critical incident pan and cleaning some rust on the cage.

Officers supervised the man as he completed the repairs and upgrades to the cage.

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