Almost two-thirds of Americans do not know the basics of the American government, or the branches of government and how it works according to a new study.  Increasingly, more Americans seem to have skipped civics class in high school, much less high forms of education about how the government works.

63% of Americans don’t know what the three branches of the U.S. government are, Executive (the President), Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Federal Courts and the Supreme Court).

71% could not answer how many representatives are in the U.S. House of Representatives, part of Congress.  There are 435.

66% didn’t know what a “bill” is, it is proposed legislation that has not been passed yet by Congress and becomes law.

52% do not know the difference between the White House and Capitol Hill, with 41% incorrectly identifying each one as the other.

44% don’t know there are 50 states.

76% didn’t know the United States is a type of government called a “Federal Republic”.

63% never heard of Chief Justice John Roberts.

37% could not correctly name the two main political parties, namely the Republican party and the Democratic party.

Shockingly, 61% could not name all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights.  31% said they have never heard of the Bill of Rights.  5% thought it had something to do with debt collections.

38% don’t know who the current Vice-President is, Joe Biden.

The survey was conducted by The Florida News Journal between June and August 2015, of residents aged 15 and older.

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