London, UK

A 24-year old Brazilian man suddenly collapsed while flying from Lisbon, Portugal after he attacked another passenger on the airplane according to police in Ireland. The flight was heading to Dublin when the incident occurred Sunday evening.

As the incident unfolded, the flight crew quickly attempted to restrain the man when he collapsed said an Aer Lingus spokesperson. The crew diverted to Cork and requested police and medical assistance where paramedics pronounced the Brazilian dead. Police also arrested a 44-year old Portuguese woman who had been traveling with the deceased after authorities found 5 pounds of illegal amphetamine in her suitcase.

Officials in Cork said they suspect the Brazilian had been using some drugs before he began to bite another passenger.

There were 161 passengers aboard the flight, the remaining where bussed to Dublin, including a doctor and a nurse according to Airline officials, who added the doctor tried but was unable to revive the man.

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