Hempstead, TX

A grand jury in Texas on Monday declined to issue any indictments against law enforcement officers after an African-American woman dies from an apparent suicide while in jail last summer.

Sandra Bland, 28, a Chicago native was pulled over by a Texas state trooper for an improper lane change on July 10. Dashcam video showed that the situated escaladed between Bland and the trooper when she was asked to put her cigarette. Bland was arrested and charged with felonious assault against an officer.

Bland was arrested and taken to the Waller County jail where she stayed overnight after being unable to raise her $500 bail.

Jail officials found Bland dead three days later hanging inside her jail cell.

Family members for Bland have called into questions the events that happened while Bland was in custody.

The arrest and death of Bland came during a time of great unrest nationally regarding the treatment of unarmed African-American’s who died after confrontations with law enforcement.

Another grand jury will convene in January to determine if the trooper that made the arrest of Bland should face charges.

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