Chicago, IL

Chicago police announced on Sunday that one of two people shot and killed by officers the day before was a mistake.

Police shot Bettie Jones, 55, along with her neighbor Quintonio LeGrier, 19, after being called by LeGrier’s father. Grier’s father called police when he came home to find his son, who had mental issues in an agitated state. LeGrier had threatened his father with a baseball bat.

The man called the police and then told Jones who lived a floor below what was going one.

When police arrived they found LeGrier being combative. An officer who has not been identified discharged his weapon. Bullets stroke LeGrier and Jones killing them both.

Police have said that the Independent Police Review Authority will investigate the shooting.

The officer involved is being put on administrative duties for the next 30 days while “training and fitness for duty requirements can be conducted.”

The shooting has caused multiple protests in a city that is becoming increasingly critical of police-related shootings. Many are asking for Mayor Rahm Emanual to step down in the wake of multiple high-profile confrontations between citizens and police.

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