San Francisco, CA

United Airlines has announced that it plans to start scheduled service between its hub in San Francisco, SFO, and Singapore, SIN, starting June 1st using a Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner configured with 48 in Business First and 204 in coach.

The 8,433-mile route according to United Airlines will take approximately 16:25 minutes flying west and 15:30 minutes flying east. United Airlines said in a press release that this will also be the longest route of any U.S. airline, unseating Delta Airlines with its Atlanta to Johannesburg route.

The once-daily Flight departs SFO at 10:55 pm and arrive into SIN at 6:16 am two days later, as it crosses the International Date Line. From SIN, the flight will depart at 8:45 am and arrive into SFO at 9:15 am the same day.

United will discontinue its SFO to Tokyo to Singapore route once this new service starts.

Singapore Airlines used to fly from Singapore to New York’s JFK and was the world’s longest scheduled commercial passenger route, but dropped it citing low demand but recently announced it would resume the route using a new Airbus A350 configured for the ultra long range. No date for that has been announced.

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