, KS

Four people are dead and over a dozen are injured from a mass shooting at a manufacturing plant near Wichita, Kansas on Thursday.

The shooting happened at Excel Industries which a lawnmower factory in the town of Hesston.

According to the Harvey County Sheriff’s office, the suspect has been identified as 38-year-old Cedric Ford. Ford worked as a painter with the company at the time of the shooting.

Deputies say that Ford was armed with a .223-caliber assault-style rifle and a pistol. Ford started his crime spree by shooting out of his car window while driving through two cities. Ford shot at the driver of one car and then stole the car taking it to Excel Industries.

Upon arrival in the parking lot of Excel Industries, Ford shot and killed one person in the parking.

Ford then entered the building and began shooting inside the plant where about 100 people were working at the time. Three people were killed during the attack.

Deputies arrived at the plant and engaged the suspect. Ford was eventually shot and killed by a deputy.

There is no known motive for the shooting at this time.

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