Brooklyn, NY

A New York City prosecutor announced on Wednesday that all charges have been dropped against five teenagers accused of raping an 18-year-old at a Brooklyn playground.

Prosecutors say that the woman had originally said that she was at the park with her father when they were approached by the group of teens. The teens then forced her father to leave while she was raped at gunpoint on January 7th.

The story made national headlines because the father claimed that he tried to get help from two convenience stores but was turned away in both cases. He later flagged down a police officer 30 minutes after the attack.

Police arrested the teenagers who ranged in ages from 14 to 18 charging them with sexual assault.

Investigators were told by the suspects that they encountered the victim having sex with her father. The teens claim that their sexual encounter was consensual.

The investigation started to fall apart after the victim’s story began to change and conflict with other accounts. Eventually, she stopped cooperating with law enforcement prompting law enforcement to drop all charges.

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