Anaheim, CA

Three people were stabbed and multiple people were arrested at a Ku Klux Klan gathering in Southern California on Saturday.

Anaheim Police say that the incident happened after several KKK members arrived at a park about one mile north of Disneyland. Counter-protesters arrived and then a few hours later more KKK members arrive.

The Klansmen were carrying Confederate flags and signs that read “White Lives Matter”, a response to the “Black Lives Matter” social movement.

At some point, the counter-protesters were surrounding a man who had a shirt that read “Grand Dragon”, the rank given to high-ranking KKK members. The counter-protesters began to kick the man.

A Klansman allegedly used a flagpole to stab one of the counter-protesters. The Klansman was arrested and was heard saying that he stabbed the other man in self-defense.

That same flagpole is believed to have been used to wound four others.

Police arrested about 13 people from both sides.

The condition of the three people injured has not been released.

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