New York, NY

Five women in New York have filed a lawsuit against the state to end the “Tampon Tax.”

The suit aims to have Tampons and sanitary pads to be given the same tax-exempt status that other medical devices have. Items such a hair growth medicine, foot power, dandruff shampoo, facial wash, and adult diapers are not taxed in New York.

The women claim that the taxation on Tampons and sanitary pads are the double standards against women.

A lawyer representing the woman said that the Tampons and sanitary pads, “are a necessity for women, not a luxury.”

The lawyer claimed that if men used the products that they would not be taxed.

The lawsuit is also seeking restitution for women who have had to pay taxes on Tampons and sanitary pads. It is not clear how much the group is trying at this time.

A spokesperson for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the sides with the women in the suit and that his office is working to eliminate the taxation of those products.

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