Jacksonville, Fla.

A mass shooting at a Jacksonville granite plant was prevented thanks to a jammed gun on Monday.

The incident happened at Jacksonville Granit on Monday afternoon.

Deputies say that James Cameau, 34, went home during his lunch hour. Cameau came back with a semi-automatic pistol.

Cameau began running around the facility shooting. Witnesses say that Cameau was telling people to run as he was shooting.

One person injured when he was shot in the backside. He is expected to be okay.

While Cameau did fire several shots, witnesses noted that his gun jammed at least three times. It’s believed that the gun jamming is what saved more lives.

When deputies arrived they found Cameau dead inside a closet with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

It is unclear at this time what the motive was behind the attack. Cameau had been working at the granite plant for a month before the attack.

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