Merced, CA

The FBI announced on Thursday that a California college student who went on a stabbing rampage before being shot dead by a campus police officer was self-radicalized and inspired by ISIS.

Faisal Mohammad, 18, attacked four people with at the University of California, Merced in November. Mohammad entered the campus and used a hunting knife to stab two students. He then stabbed a construction worker and a university employee.

A campus police officer shot and killed Mohammed.

Investigators with the FBI announced that they found pro-ISIS propaganda on Mohammad’s computer.

The FBI was quick to point out that they believe that Mohammad was acting alone and had no affiliation with any ISIS or any other terrorist organization.

Investigators say that the attack could have been worst. A two-page document was found detailing Mohammad’s plans. He had planned to bind students to their desks with zip-ties. Then when police came, he was going to stab the responding officers and steal their guns to shoot students then.

Family members for Mohammad say that they do not know what prompted the attack.

Mohammad’s attack came one month before a couple attacked a group of people at an office party in San Bernardino. That attack left 14 dead including the attackers.

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