Fort Littleton, PA

An attempted robbery at a Pennsylvania Turnpike toll plaza turned deadly when a retired state trooper shot and killed two workers before being shot by police himself on Sunday.

Clarence Briggs, 55,  attempted to rob two toll collectors at the Fort Littleton plaza in Dublin township, about 65 miles west of the state capital of Harrisburg. Briggs ordered Danny Crouse, 55, a tollbooth worker and Ron Heist, 72, a contracted security to an office.

Briggs attempted to tie both the men up but something happened and he shot the two instead.

Briggs then fired at a toll collections vehicle. The driver of that vehicle fled unharmed.

When Pennsylvania Troopers arrived they found Briggs unloading money from the toll collection vehicle in this own vehicle. The shot was exchanged between Briggs and the troopers. Briggs was shot and died on the scene.

Briggs was a 26-year police veteran who retired in 2012. Officials say that Briggs left with an honorable discharge.

At this time it is unclear what the motive was for the robbery.

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