Brussels, Belgium

[Update 10:21 am EST: Death toll now at 36 according to Brussels police.  3 Americans among injured or killed including Mormon Missionaries according to the U.S. State Department].

The U.S. State Department has said they have been informed of the possibility that two Americans may have been some of the victims in the deadly twin bombing attacks in Brussels today that have killed at least 30.

Earlier today (Tuesday) bombs went off in Brussels killing at least 30 people at the American Airlines check-in counter at the airport and on board a metro train at a station stop near the EU Headquarters and the American Embassy.  In All, Belgium officials say three bombs went off, two at the airport and one at the metro train station, with at least one being a suicide bomber at the airport.  Victims report hearing someone shouting in Arabic before the bombs went off.

Police have also confirmed that an AK-46 rifle was found by one of the bombers, though it is not yet clear if it was by a suicide bomber or others that fled.  Belgian officials have speculated that the attack is on response to the arrest of the last known surviving Paris attacker, Salah Abdeslam, who was able to hide from police in his neighborhood, not from city hall in the town of Molenbeek.

Officials have closed the airport to all air traffic departing or arriving and have also shut down the metro train system and the Eurostar train service to other parts of Europe.  France has closed its border with Belgium and security has been raised to heightened levels across Europe.

A spokesperson for the White House says U.S. officials are monitoring the situation, and President Obama has been informed, but that security in the U.S. has not been increased saying they do not have any credible or specific threats currently.

The identity of the possibly Americans killed has not been released by officials, who say they are still trying to search and investigate.  The U.S. Embassy has reported that all officials have been accounted for but that they believe there may have been off-duty U.S. servicemembers in the area of the attacks.  There is a significant U.S. diplomatic presence in Brussels because it is the headquarters of the European Union.

Meanwhile, Belgium troops have been brought in and have completely shut off all access to the airport.  Passengers on airplanes already taxiing were stopped and deplaned on the tarmac and evacuated from the airport.

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