New York, New York

All three of the large legacy carriers based in the U.S., American, Delta, and United have canceled or delayed all flights to Brussels until further notice.

American canceled flight 751 from Brussels to Philadelphia.  The airline said the explosions did not happen directly at their check-in counters as Brussels police initially stated, and that all of their employees are safe and accounted for.

Delta Flight 42 from New York was diverted to Amsterdam while Delta Flight 80 from Atlanta had landed and parked at a remote stand away from the terminal buildings.  Airport officials deplaned passengers using mobile stairs.

United Flight 999 from Newark diverted to a location the airline declined to identify, but aviation experts say it is presumably Amsterdam because United already has significant operations to handle wide-body airplanes and large passenger numbers.

United’s other flight to Brussels today had already landed before the attack happened and passengers have exited the airport normally.

United is looking at transporting its outbound passengers to Amsterdam where they can board flights back to the U.S.  American said it would book passengers on later flights once the airport reopens.

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