Jackson, MS

A woman from Mississippi pleads guilty on Tuesday with trying to join the Islamic State in Syria.

Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 29, was arrested with her fiancé, Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, 23, in August 2015. The Couple was attempting to board a flight to Turkey where they would have eventually made their way to frontlines of Syria.

Young had come onto the FBI’s radar in May 2014 when she expressed her desire to join ISIS through Twitter posts. An undercover agent then began a conversation with Young and her husband about joining ISIS.

The couple asked the undercover agent if they would if there were Koran classes in English and what type of training Dakhlalla would receive.

Dakhlalla has already pleaded guilty earlier in the month and is awaiting sentencing.

Young pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization. Young could receive a maximum of 20 years.

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