Dallas, Tx.

An American Airlines flight from Dallas on its way to Seattle was forced to return to Dallas after the fire began to shoot out of a wing.

Flight 438 had left Dallas Fort Worth International Airport at 10:50 p.m. on its way to Seattle. The Airbus 321 had 130 passengers and crew aboard.

The flight was just 20 minutes into its journey when there was a loud bang. Passengers then began to see flames shooting from one of the wings.

The flames were big enough that people on the ground in the cities of Arlington and Grand Prairie saw the fire and called police and fire departments.

The pilot declared an emergency and was able to safely land back at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. No one on board sustained any injuries.

American Airlines officials say that a compressor on the plane failed. Fuel then began to leak from the back of the flame causing a trail of flames. The engine itself was not on fire.

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