Contest Rules

From time to time, TFNJ will conduct give-a-ways, games and other promotional events. By participating in any such give-away(s), game(s) or promotional event(s), you the reader and/or contestant agree to the terms, conditions and privacy rules of such. The game(s), give-a-ways and promotional event(s) rules herein are separate and in addition to the terms of use agreement found above.

TFNJ will collect certain information from you such as your name, email address and other information. You agree by providing such information that we may use it to contact you about news, events and promotions in the future. We may share your information to third parties who are participating in the event or promotion with TFNJ, but in no case will TFNJ share, trade or sell your information to any third party not part of the promotion or event or game you have entered.

Employees and friends of TFNJ or any company or entity participating in the event or promotion with TFNJ shall not be eligible to win anything or receive anything.

TFNJ will operate and manage any event, game, give-a-way or promotion or assign such to a third party to conduct such on TFNJ’s behalf. In all cases, TFNJ reserves all rights to make any decisions and chose winners. TFNJ shall be the sole determining authority of any such winners.

All give-a-ways, games, events and/or promotions are open to residents of the State of Florida (or any state or territory of the United States of America unless that state prohibits such participation, activity, involvement, or engagement) aged 18 and older, unless otherwise stated in the game, event, give-a-way or promotion.

In the sole determination of TFNJ, any miss-use or fraud by any contestant, shall result in being prohibited from winning or receiving any prizes or benefits.

You agree by participating in any game(s), give-a-way(s) or promotional event(s), that TFNJ shall not be liable for any damages or injuries to you and you agree to hold harmless, now and forever, TFNJ and agree to defend TFNJ. You further agree that any use or possession of any give-a-way or prize is at your own risk, that TFNJ or any partner of TFNJ, is not liable for any damages or injuries that could arise and that you agree that if you decide to pursue legal action for any damages or injuries from any prize awarded by TFNJ that it is between you and the manufacturer or provider of said prize. Your further agree to conduct yourself in a law abiding manner at all times, and to follow all laws.

Void where prohibited, games, give-a-ways and promotional events are not valid outside the United States. TFNJ reserves the right of when and where to disburse any prizes. Winners of any prize that includes hotel and/or airfare transportation must notify TFNJ at least 45 days before they wish to travel, and once notified, may not change their hotel and/or airfare travel portions of their prize.

Participants, competitors and TFNJ partners agree to refrain from making any public and disparaging remarks about TFNJ or any of its affiliates, partners, contractors, vendors, employees, officers, agent, directors, sponsors or other participant(s) or contestant.

TFNJ does not warrant, guarantee, or make assurances that any game(s), give-a-way(s) or promotional event(s) will be successful nor makes any such representation that the game(s), give-a-ways(s) or promotional event(s) are safe and each person or entity (competitor, participant, sponsor, promoter, bystander, affiliate or hosting entity) wishing to be a part of the games, give-a-way or promotional event does so at their sole discretion and choice and at their own risk. As such, each of the above agree to obtain appropriate insurance to cover or negate any potential loss of the erson or entity (competitor, participant, sponsor, promoter, bystander, affiliate or hosting entity) and that you are prohibited from any participation of any type if you fail to obtain such insurance. Any agreements TFNJ executes with any person or entity (competitor, participant, sponsor, promoter, bystander, affiliate or hosting entity) is void if that person or entity (competitor, participant, sponsor, promoter, bystander, affiliate or hosting entity) fails to obtain appropriate insurance and no refunds will be given.

Participation is not required, nor is payment required for give-a-ways where a prize is offered but does not require your physical attendance and physical participation at an event in order to compete or win. Participation means your active involvement such as registration, physical acts of your body and brain, face-to-face bodily and physical competition and/or winning.

Severability If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be enforceable to the maximum extent permissible, and the other provisions of the Terms of Use will remain in force.