Bali, Indonesia

A drunken passenger trying to break into the cockpit of a Virgin Australia flight on Thursday caused a hijacking scare.

The Boeing 737 was carrying 139 passengers and six crew from Brisbane, Australia to Bali, Indonesia.

One hour before the plane landed pilots aboard the flight alerted air traffic controllers that they had a possible hijacking taking place. The passenger who was intoxicated had been banging on the secured cockpit door trying to get in.

Crew members were able to subdue and eventually handcuff the passenger, 28-year-old Matt Christian, an Australian citizen.

Once on the ground in Bali the airport was shut down and Indonesian troops boarded the plane and investigated. After an hour investigation, the airport reopened and flights resumed as normal.

Christian was arrested creating a disturbance.

Officials with Virgin Australia say that the declaration of a hijacking was a “miscommunication”.

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