Astronomers with the NuSTAR project using a NASA telescope have captured an image that some say looks like an X-ray image of the hand of God. It is actually a pulsar wind nebula and the remains of a 12-mile wide dead star that exploded and now spins at the rate of 7 times per second. the pulsar is identified by NASA and CalTech as PSR B1509-58.

NuSTAR, Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, is a satellite that was launch in June of 2012 hoping to find black holes, dead and exploded stars and other cosmic extreme events and objects.

What is actually being seen is how nearby particles are interacting with magnetic fields as they are flung off and outwards from the dying star which is 17,000 light years away.

Experts say it is unclear what we are looking at, particles forming in the shape of a hand, or particles interacting with nearby magnetic fields.

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