Well, kids aside from the celebration of the independence of our nation we here in Orlando have something else as grand and spectacular to cheer for it. Why I am talking about the return to the life of the fountain at Lake Eola.

In case you don’t remember let me take you back to that horrible day in August 2009 when our beloved seafoam green fountain took the wrath of God and was shut down. You see the fountain was decades old and after many years of McGuyvering fixes for the aging fountain it gave up the ghost. The fountain itself remained pretty much mechanically unchanged since it was in the installation in 1957. Over the years there have been “upgrades” but you a can only use so much duct tape and prayers before the unthinkable happens.

Over the last couple of years, the city has been dealing with insurance claims and private donations to get its reserves in check. Then came the decision on what to do. Replace or refurbish the existing fountain? Now in a financially strained time as ours, logic would say renovate would be more cost-effective. Unfortunately, the fountain’s mechanics and even exterior were so old and worn that the fountain would have to overhaul to the point where it almost is a new fountain. When that was realized the debate emerged. Since we’re going to have to replace the fountain either way essentially what should it look like?

Now we could have taken this opportunity to be creative and show the country we have some artistic talent. Instead, old Orlando won out, and we decided to just put a new layer of lipstick on a big sea foam green pig.

Good god, Orlando this is why will never be more than a one-horse town. Old ways win out far too often here and we the residents pay the price.

So saddle up and be kind to our only horse.

– by Leo

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