Orlando, Fla –

After sentencing Thursday morning, lawyers for Casey Anthony and the State Attorney’s office who prosecuted the case met with Judge Belvin Perry and after computing the sentence of 4 years, minus the gain time and good behavior time, concluded she would be released from jail next Wednesday, the 13th of July.

Protesters outside the Orange County Courthouse were angry, some yelling profanity. Many clearly expressing anger at what they felt was Casey Anthony getting away with murder, and unhappy she will be getting out on Wednesday.  However, long-established sentencing laws and incarceration standards demand those serving time receive credit for the time they have already served while in jail and on trial, time for good behavior and gain time.

In a narrative of his own opinion, Judge Perry explained how people without credible value to the case and who have no legitimate business, in this case, should stay away. The judge also admonished self-styled reporters who have no publications, are not working for a legitimate news business, and who have no editorial standards.  He said it’s sad that news media organizations have sensationalized this case solely for ratings and not for being real news to the public.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings spoke out about the judge’s sentencing ruling and said: “it’s as good as it gets.”

Casey is due to have a deposition in the civil case against her regarding the fictional character Zenaida Gonzalez that she lied about, and on July 19th, there will be a hearing to decide what, if any, financial compensation the state should get for investigating and Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

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