A man walked out of an art gallery on Tuesday with a Picasso original under his arm. How did he do it? Did he buy it? Was it in the middle of the night; was he wearing a mask, or a disguise; is he an elite international art thief?

Nope. He walked into the art gallery around noon, dressed in street clothes and wearing glasses, and went straight for the Picasso work. He then proceeded to walk out of the gallery with the piece under his arm, and then to his getaway vehicle–a waiting cab. If he was a professional, he probably wouldn’t have been caught on the surveillance camera of a nearby restaurant.

The work he stole is a 1965 Picasso sketch, titled “Tete de Femme” (Head of Woman), and is worth approximately $200,000. Every cab in San Francisco has a surveillance camera as well, and police have impounded the cab and interviewed the driver, and are investigating the incident.

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