At what point did it become ok to get horrible visible tattoos. I come from the old school that says tattooing should be art. It should reflect something about you or what you believe. Not the logo of your favorite energy drink. Or some “ironic” saying that you and your hipster PBR drinkers laugh about it. Or some motivational saying in a foreign language.

We all have seen the unfortunate victim of a mistranslated tattoo even if you don’t know it. There are countless websites devoted to Chinese symbol tats showing the true meaning of the word or in a lot of cases indicating that the symbol is just gibberish. I can see it, for example, you are of Chinese descent getting something in Chinese tattooed on you. That is your heritage and would mean something. Plus you are probably going to be able to verify that you are PERMANENTLY get inked on your skin means. Sad to say the majority of victims are regular old white and black folks who don’t have a friend who can translate or even the foresight to check the Internet. So sadly you are more likely to see a woman walking around with the symbol for spicy monkey testicle then empowerment (one of those I am a woman right here I roar things I guess).

Next are just the plain ugly, sophomoric, questionable taste of tatts. I realize we are alive in the moment society but when you’re sitting down to get inked you should remember what looks good on fresh nubile skin won’t always carry over into the gravity and fat destroying after effect of life. Then there is just a matter of maturity. Haven’t we all watched a film from our childhood that we thought was so hilarious we molded lives around only to see it now and say to ourselves “what did I find so funny?”. That’s what your mustache on the finger tattoo will be in 30 years.

Finally, let’s talk about interacting with the real world. Now I know the argument that no-one should be judged by their appearance but in reality that’s not what happens. If you are the greatest applicant but if your “hip” tattoo of a monkey riding a hippo in a sombrero is on your neck more then likely your not getting a callback. That’s not to say you can’t get inked be smart. I have a friend who has a lot of ink on her body and some stuff that people might not like, but she has them in places where she can cover up. This means that she can have a high-level insurance job. If your goal in life is to be a bartender, barista, or do any menial work for pay, then go ahead get whatever you want wherever. When you’re ready to make money and have a career (AKA grow-up), you will look at that monkey with disgust.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a laser your tattoo away at home book to read. I sense money making potential soon.

– by Leo’s

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