Cupertino, CA-

Apple has released OS X Lion and made it available today, but hasn’t shipped even a single disc. That’s because the Lion upgrade, which costs $29.99, is only available online for download–until August, when Apple will start shipping flash drives with the OS on it as well, for $69.99.

Lion has already touted because as a major upgrade to OS X (Apple claims it is “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system”). It includes, according to Apple, more than 250 new features. Without providing a review, we’ll tell you about some of the more popular ones, like the new Launchpad feature, which with one trackpad gesture, will bring up a screen displaying icons for all the apps on your Mac. If that sounds kind of like an iPad, it’s because it is. It looks almost exactly like an iPad home screen, but without the touch capability.

It also comes with a new Auto Save feature, where Lion will automatically save whatever you’re working on as you work, as well as every five minutes. It also includes a new full-screen element, where an app can be switched to take up the whole screen, no frame, no menu bars. Multiple apps can be made full-screen and “stacked” on top of each other, with a three finger swipe to switch between them.

OS X Lion’s Launchpad feature

We won’t go through all 250+ of the new features, but you can on Apple’s website.

As with anything new, Lion has its champions as well as critics. Some complaint about the new Launchpad screen that it can become cluttered and complicated to navigate (if you have lots of apps), while others laud its simplicity and completeness, with just one screen to browse through everything. Lion adds many brand new features without drastically changing the overall look or functionality of the previous iterations of OS X.

Again, OS X Lion is available in the Mac App Store for download (exclusively, for now), for $30.

Particular note: this article it was written on a Windows 7 PC  so if there are any inaccuracies, kindly let us know on our Contact Us page.

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