It looks like the iPhone 5 will be presented in September and released worldwide in October. According to iPhoneItalia, a senior executive at Swisscom (a major Swiss wireless carrier) is “100% sure” about that information, as apparently, Apple has already contacted major mobile carriers to discuss methods of distribution for the new iPhone.

You can read the post here, if you can read Italian, that is. Be careful about using Google Translate, as it incorrectly translates “iPhone 5… a Settembre… ad Ottobre” as for September 5, and October 5, but the post does not actually give specific dates.

On the iPod front, it appears that there will be a white iPod touch released this year, which will go into production in August, according to an industry analyst. However, as AppleInsider noted, the industry analyst also said that the reports he received indicate that there will not be an update to the iPod touch, due to shortages of parts from Japan.

The iPhone and iPad make up 68% of all of Apple’s sales, compared to the iPod’s 5%. That means that when there aren’t enough parts to go around, the iPhone and iPad get priority, hence the lack of an update for the iPod touch.

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