Tampa, Fla. –

Transportation Security Agency, TSA, screeners detected a knife in a carry-on bag of a passenger but detained the wrong person and the wrong bag. Only after reviewing security footage of the debacle did TSA and police figure out whose bag it was. The correct knife carrying passenger has later pulled off an American Airlines plane just before departing. Philippe Francois Martinez, 43, was arrested.

In what is becoming an ongoing and continuous line of horrible and laughable screw-ups at the TSA, a screener in Tampa spotted a knife during routine screening but detained the wrong person.

The TSA nickname has become the “Transportation Screw-Up Agency,” much to the chagrin of the 50,000 employees who work at the agency responsible for making sure people boarding flights in the United States do not have any dangerous weapons or harmful items. In a recent poll, a majority of Americans no longer feel the TSA is staffed by competent screeners who are capable of using common sense and feel the TSA uses its wide-wielding power incorrectly.

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