Anonymous struck back at law enforcement by hacking into law enforcement agencies across the southern and central United States in retaliation for the recent arrests of alleged members by the FBI and local sheriffs.

The exalted Anonymous, redeemer of the ordinary citizen, burdened by corrupt or abusive governments are here to expose them as such.  Or, Anonymous, the hacker group responsible for endangering the public and stealing your identity.  That is the message both sides want you to hear and believe.

Over 70 websites in states such as Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Mississippi all reportedly had law enforcement agencies hacked, and in some cases data and content removed.

Anonymous said in a statement, “We are releasing a massive amount of confidential information that is sure to (embarrass), discredit and incriminate police officers across the US,” and “demonstrate the inherently corrupt nature of law enforcement using their own words” and “disrupt and sabotage their ability to communicate and terrorize communities.”

The group also claims that it posted five credit card numbers it said it used to make “involuntary donations.”  Police says the displayed information appears to be real.

All this was in retaliation for last month when the FBI, British and Dutch officials carried out 21 arrests, many of them related to the group’s attacks on Internet payment provider PayPal Inc., which has targeted over its refusal to process donations to WikiLeaks.  Some of those arrested were in Central Florida.

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