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If you heard a pop today that was probably the sound of my blood vessel popping earlier today. The SF Gate ran a story about a gay couple that is a victim of the stupid mix of politics and religion. To sum up the article Bradford Wells and his partner John Makk were married in Massachusetts in 2004. The key is that this was a legal union. The issue is that John is an Australian citizen and also the primary caretaker for Bradford who has AIDS-related severe illnesses. Now if this was Bradford and Jane, they could quickly get citizenship for Jane as they are married. Well if you are reading this on here, you can guess what happened.

John was denied the guaranteed spousal citizenship because the government does not recognize same-sex marriage. This is courtesy of one of the last acceptable forms of government-approved discrimination. Enacted in 1996 under President Clinton the bill federally recognizes marriage between a man and woman only. Furthermore, no state is legally required to verify the legal marriage of two of the same sex if the marriage performed in a state where it is legal.

Give me an F-king break people! How does the idea of-of two men or woman getting married affect you? It doesn’t at all. I furthermore don’t want to hear anyone’s religious namby-pamby crap about God created Adam & Eve, not Adam and Steve. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that people are not entitled to their opinion based on their religious views no matter how dumb it is. My problem is when politicians create laws based on their stupid religious beliefs. A wonderful loving husband taking care of his spouse is worried about being deported because the federal government has a bug up its ass about gay people marrying.

You should be outraged at not only the notion of this couple denied the rights that heterosexual couples have regarding citizenship but y, you should be more pissed off that this is an issue. God all mighty people why do people care about gay marriage. It doesn’t affect anyone other than the people who are getting married. If you don’t think its morally right then fine don’t get married to someone of the same sex. Leave your stupid religious bigoted beliefs in your closed minded white bread church where it belongs and not infect the rest of society with it.

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