Cape Canaveral, Fla. –

NASA says it has found a massive coronal hole in the sun with a strong solar wind stream approaching the earth. The wind is expected to hit the earth this weekend and last for a few days. Unlike solar storms, solar streams tend to affect wireless communications, GPS, and other mobile technologies more.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO, was launched by NASA 2010 to observe the dynamics of the sun-earth relationship and to learn more about how the sun works.

While the earth has been subjected to solar wind streams in the past, the expected winds from this one are expected to be large. So far NASA is not warning people to take any special precautions saying that the earth is protected by a magnetic field that will shield the planet. However, again, we can expect large aurora borealis (northern lights) up near the north pole and at the south pole.

The earth just experienced a solar storm from a recent large coronal mass ejection, CME, that was particularly strong forcing airlines to reroute planes that take a polar route farther south to avoid problems with sensitive avionics.

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