Sanford, Fla. –

As the FBI and the FLDE begin their investigations into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, local pressure has increased as the facts and history continue to unfold.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett is coming under increased pressure to step down from the office he has held for the last year, and so is City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. Police Chief Bill Lee has called Martin the aggressor based on the statement of Zimmerman but has now been advised to remain silent to the public by Sanford city manager Bonaparte.

The mayor attended a civil right conference and town hall type meeting where he said that he is having his own “major concerns” about how the investigation was done and about how to keep the peace and Sanford is flooded by protestors, many of whom are local, yet increasingly out of town protestors are showing up.

Sanford has a dirty track record according to local residents like Anthony Boreman who says “they got dirty little secrets like a good ole boy’s club”, and says the police department has covered up many crimes to protect those they want to protect, especially family members. This sentiment is supported by several high profile cases where officers of the department were caught intentionally withholding evidence and suppressing evidence on different cases until video or information reached the public.

Civil rights leaders have called Zimmerman a threat to the public and have been calling on the state’s concealed weapons licensing commission to revoke Zimmerman’s permit to carry a concealed weapon. Following protests at the office in downtown Orlando, the commission said that they have no legal authority to revoke his permit until one of the statutory events happens, and because Zimmerman has not been arrested for a felony, there is nothing they can do.

George Zimmerman was also involved in a 2005 domestic violence case which ended with Zimmerman being the subject of a restraining order, along with a previous arrest being in the way of yet another investigation.

Zimmerman has a long history of calling police on “suspicious people”, in fact, each of his calls over the last year were to report someone who was black. In his recent call to police over this incident, he was recorded using the words “F***ing Coon” while describing Trayvon Martin.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has weighed in saying the FDLE is also involved, investigating the incident along with the Sanford Police Department’s handling of the case and said: “if someone did something wrong, they will be prosecuted.”


The largest protest will be getting underway soon, called the million hoodie march by organizers, and will be held in New York City at Union Square.

The student in Central Florida wore a hoodie to school today to protest the shooting as well.

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