As the Republican primary race draws to a close with Mitt Romney becoming the presumptive nominee, the financial reports of the two campaigns for March have been released with Barack Obama having $104 million in the bank and Romney with just $10.1 million.

Hoping to give the Romney campaign a boost, Sen. Marco Rubio has confirmed that he will attend several campaign stops with Romney. Their first campaign stop will be in Pennsylvania.

The primary race has been especially long forcing Romney to spend $10.3 million last month to win Michigan and Ohio and raised just $12.6 million during the same period.

Only now has Romney been able to begin raising money towards his presidential campaign working with the Republican National Committee, and says it hopes to raise $800 million by the November elections.

Obama has raised $53 million this month so far and in March 2012 raised $35 million.

This presidential election is projected to be the most expensive race in history, well over a billion dollars.

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