Recently, Solenne San Jose received a phone bill for $15 Quadrillion dollars after canceling her mobile phone contract early. San Jose was told by her provider she would have an early termination fee added to her next bill but did not question how much.

After receiving the bill, San Jose caller her wireless carrier (Bouygues) to dispute the bill and was charged another $12 bucks each time she called and spoke to a representative.

San Jose lives in Pessac, near Bordeaux in southwest France. The carrier even tried to automatically deduct the amount from her bank account and twice refused to work with her saying the bill is accurate.


Well, $15 quadrillion is so large, there is not even that much money in circulation in all of Europe, so gather every last penny or Euro would still not be enough.

it is 5,872 times of France’s annual GDP.

After offering San Jose a payment plan twice and refusing to correct the charges, Bouygues eventually admitted the charges were a bit incorrect.