The FAA has released the list of ATC control towers they plan to close as part of the steps it is taking due to the federal government sequestration. Of the 238 towers that will close on April 7, 20 are in Florida.

195 of those towers are operated under contracts, while only 45 are operated by the FAA. Additionally, overnight operations at some airports will be curtailed, most likely class C airports, or mid-sized airports.

“The prospect of closing nearly 195 contract towers nationwide along with 43 FAA-staffed towers because of sequestration is inconceivable given the very real impact it would have nationwide, and yet it appears to be a real possibility,” said J. Spencer Dickerson, executive director of the U.S. Contract Tower Assn.

The FAA has also put into place a furlough plan where each employee will lose two days per two week pay period.

See the full closure list:

FLORIDA CLOSURE LIST: Naples Municipal; Naples, FL Boca Raton; Boca Raton, FL Craig Municipal; Jacksonville, FL New Smyrna Beach Municipal; New Smyrna Beach, FL Page Field; Fort Myers, FL St Lucie County International; Fort Pierce, FL North Perry; Hollywood, FL Kissimmee Gateway; Kissimmee/Orlando, FL Lakeland Linder Regional; Lakeland, FL Leesburg International; Leesburg, FL Ocala International-Jim Taylor Field; Ocala, FL Ormond Beach Municipal; Ormond Beach, FL Opa-Locka Executive; Miami, FL Orlando Executive; Orlando, FL Punta Gorda; Punta Gorda, FL Northeast Florida Regional; St. Augustine, FL Albert Whitted; St Petersburg, FL Witham Field; Stuart, FL Space Coast Regional; Titusville, FL Cecil; Jacksonville, FL

Miami, Orlando, and Tampa international airports will largely remain intact and unaffected.

Airport with closures could see delays periodically as pilots will be forced to talk and coordinate among themselves for taking off and landing, which will be done under VFR, visual flight rules.