I recently visited the new ‘italio’ restaurant in Winter Park to find out how “Italian” it is. It was tasty, fresh and the price was great, and the portions are fantastic. You’ll want to check this place out, so you don’t miss out on the relaxing and bright atmosphere.

‘Italia’ bills itself as a “modern Italian kitchen with freshness in mind” and serves up large tasty portions in a bowl on an assembly line similar to Chipotle. When you leave, you’ll already be planning you’re next visit.

The place was well decorated with a beautiful red and tan theme and felt open and lively.

Once you’re at the start of the assembly process, you’ll first need to pick a pasta bowl, salad bowl or a piadinas. I selected pasta since it what I know, and I’m not a rabbit, though they do offer whole wheat pasta for those more health-minded.

Next came the meat selection, sausage patty, beef/pork meatballs or beef grilled sirloin, since I am a meat-a-train, I selected the grilled sirloin.

Next came the sauces and topping, to which, there was a large selection to choose from others.

Here’s where things got a little awkward…, The cash-out/check-out was very slow, so my fellow patrons and I stood around in the line watching the cashier and observed the observed temperature of our food go downhill rather fast. By the time I was cashing out, the steam had long left my bowl.

I quickly filled my drink cup and grabbed a seat outside to enjoy the warm Florida sunny weather and began to dive in.

Tasty, fresh, appetizing and not at all hot.

I seem to be always wearing a light colored shirt when I decide to have Italian, and this was no different. After a few spots on my shirt, I decided to get a knife and cut things up into less splash-prone portions.

The bowl was more like a take-home container, with upright walls, so cutting my pasta, especially near the edges proved a bit difficult. Too bad it wasn’t more like an Asian bowl, where the sides are angled.

In Conclusion, I would recommend this place, but come with a bib, and a heater to keep your food warm if the line is long. You can find it on 17-92 between Orange Ave and Morse Blvd.


Oh, and one last thing the napkin dispenser slots are tiny, I’ll let your imagination wander.

– The Anonymous Customer

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