Actor Larry Hagman has died at the age of 81. Hagman was most known for his roles in the TV show Dallas and in I Dream Of Jeanie.

Hagman played the role of Capt. Tony Nelson from 1965-1970 in the TV comedy I Dream Of Jeanie before going on to play the part of J.R. Ewing on the nighttime drama Dallas which gave CBS record ratings while it aired from April 1978 to May 1991. It ended with the cliffhanger “Who Shot J.R.” which also posted record TV ratings.

Hagman returned to his role as J.R. in the new Dallas.

Hagman died from complications with cancer and had a long history of other health problems.

“Larry was back in his beloved hometown of Dallas, re-enacting the iconic role he loved the most. Larry’s family and closest friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday,” the family said in a statement that was provided to The Associated Press by Warner Bros., producer of the show.

The 81-year-old actor was surrounded by friends and family before he passed peacefully, “just as he’d wished for,” the statement said.

Hagman also starred in other shows including ‘The Good Life’, ‘Here We Go Again’, ‘The Group’, ‘Harry and Tonto’, and ‘Primary Colors’, all of which were well regarded but did not achieve the rating success of Dallas.

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