Orlando, Fla.

A new winter storm is moving across the southeast today, bringing with it snow and freezing ice to parts of Florida’s panhandle. High temperatures in Florida will drop to unseasonably cold conditions; just 38 in Jacksonville, 52 in Orlando and 72 in Miami. Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona Beach have already reached their high for today and temps will decline throughout the day.

Snow fell over Crestview, FL and other parts of northern Florida’s panhandle overnight last night and the weather is expected to disrupt flights and other travel conditions across the Sunshine state.

For parts of Florida south of Gainesville, heavy rains are expected in some places and light rain across most of the state.

The storm across the southeast has cause havoc, with students stuck at a school in Georgia because roads were iced over so bad parents couldn’t get to their kids and ice hanging off houses and electrical wires all along the gulf coast.

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