Los Angeles, CA

Now you too can own a piece of Justin Bieber memorabilia because someone has listed the jail clothes from his arrest in Miami on eBay.  Yup, for just $28 bucks you can own what the ad says is a “Jail Prison” outfit “just like” the one he wore while locked up at the Miami-Dade County jail in Miami on DUI and resisting arrest charges.

They looked more like medical scrubs than what is worn in jails, especially since the ad says the pants have a drawstring, something strictly prohibited in jails and prison because inmates could strangle themselves or someone else or find a way to use it as a weapon.  They also take show laces for the same reason.

But who would buy it?  Apparently, there are throngs of blind and loyal Bieber fans, the auction has been drawing significant traffic according to analytic trends of web traffic.

Interested in buying? Go to the eBay auction.

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