Mountain View, CA

Google’s new driverless car was put on display and gave demonstrations rides to some lucky people recently.

The car was intentionally designed to look cute so people would like it and not reject the new technology out of hand.  In a recent poll, 70% said they would ride in a driverless car, giving Google hope their car will be accepted by the masses.  However, of that 70 %, only about 30% would actually but one, with most noting they have a fear of giving up control to a computer.

California and Nevada have established driverless car laws and regulations permitting them, while Florid and Texas are drafting laws to allow them also.

See the video of the car doing demo rides.

The driverless car is still several years away from public release, and the current concent car giving demo rides is limited to just 25mph.

The only control in the car is an on/off power button and some method to input your destination.

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