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As if living in Missouri (or Miss-urah if you please) was not bad enough there seems to be a series of police shootings that left one person dead and hundreds of brain dead.

The “Show Me” state is getting close to changing their slogan to the “Nothing to See Here” state as they deal with more civil unrest and unwanted national attention. You can read more about what happened Wednesday here, but long story short is that a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager.

It has been two months since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson. Since then the streets of Ferguson look like they belong in Syria rather than a Mid-Western city.

Now twelve miles away the police in St Louis are enjoying the fame and glory of being in the media spotlight while trying to dodge rocks and fists. Within a few minutes of the death of an 18-year-old black teen by a white officer, protesters formed quicker than crude drawings on a passed out frat boy.

I can’t say that I fully understand why they are so upset at the situation as I have not been a part of it nor am in the community. So I have no place to say that they should protest and be active. I think we need more people to get upset and start raising a commotion on injustice. What I do take issue is on how some of these people are doing it.

Okay, your upset that an unarmed black teenager was shot by a white police officer unfairly. You take to the streets to demonstrate and let your voice heard which is all good, and the ability to do is what separates America from places like North Korea or China. What don’t I get is what does that injustice have to do with breaking into stores, looting, and general destruction?

In Ferguson there is one hair store was broken into multiple times. So some people are so upset at what they believe is police brutality that they only thing that will stave off their anger is by stealing some weaves and hair gel?

We all know that nothing brings a community together like destroying businesses owned by people in the community who had nothing to do with anything that is going on. This is just plain stupidity, and anyone who is taking advantage of this social chaos in Missouri to steal and cause destruction just for the hell of it is a scumbag in my book.

What sucks is that the guys who are doing the majority of the damage are the slim minority of the protesters. Most of the protesters in Ferguson and now St Louis are distraught and want their voices heard. Unfortunately, when most people outside of Missouri think of what happened, they are briefly thinking about the shootings and become more focused on the destruction caused.

Some people are just looking for an excuse to cause anarchy. These lowlifes don’t care about why there is a protest or the people involved. They see an opportunity to commit the crime and get away with it in the masses of people. These are the guys who are violently confronting the police and throwing rocks at law enforcement. They don’t care about the shooting victims. These thugs want to go out and be all tough while hiding like cowards in the crowds giving everyone a bad name.

The communities in both Ferguson and St Louis are hurting right now, and they shouldn’t have to deal with this. However, this is the situation, and I believe that both communities need to step up and take some more action to get rid of the scumbags who are derailing the cause. If you think that you are facing an injustice by the police, the last thing you need is to give them a reason to keep the cans of pepper spray on hand. Stand up for justice for the victims and the community by getting rid of the hoodlums.

Instead of holding signs that say, “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” it should be “Hands up, Don’t Loot.”

Disrespectfully Yours,


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