Kalamazoo, MI

The Michigan man accused of killing six people in a shooting rampage has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company, Uber claims it’s the companies fault that he committed the crime.

Jason Dalton filed the suit on Tuesday saying that he is, “currently in prison because of Uber.”

Dalton is seeking $10 million from Uber accusing the company of failing to pay him back wages and overtime. In the suit, Dalton complained that he received no Christmas bonuses, was forced to work when he was sick and has not invited to any corporate parties. He is seeking a jury trial and plans to represent himself.

Dalton began working as a driver for Uber earlier this year.

Dalton faces multiple charges of murder after going on a shooting spree in Kalamazoo on February 20th. In total eight people were shot with six people died during a five-hour period.

Investigators released documents on Monday in which he claimed that when he activated the Uber app a “devil head” came on the screen. After that, the app took possession of his body.

Dalton faces 18 charges in connection to the shooting spree.

Uber has not issued an official response to the lawsuit.

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