San Diego, CA

A person inside a car is dead after a plane doing an emergency landing on a Southern California highway on Saturday struck the vehicle they were in.

The single-engine Lancair IV was attempting to make an emergency landing on I-15 near Highway 76, which is between Los Angeles and San Diego. The plane was being guided down with help after an engine failed.

The pilot, 62-year-old Dennis Hogge landed the plane on its belly, which then skidded for over 100 feet before striking the rear of a Nissan Sentra that was parked along the side of the road.

According to the law enforcement, the Nissan with its four passengers was stopped so that the vehicles Bluetooth system could be synced.

The crash killed one of the passengers in the vehicle, 38-year-old Antoinette Isabelle of San Diego.

The remaining three people in the car along with the pilot and his passenger were taken to the hospital.

At this time the cause of the crash is still under investigation. Investigators with the National Safety Bureau and the Federal Aviation Administration will be looking into the incident.

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