Baton Rouge, LA

Protests erupted in Louisiana Tuesday night after a shooting involving two white police officers left a black man dead and was caught on video.

The altercation occurred after Baton Rouge Police were called to the Triple S Food Mart convenience store. Someone reported to police that there was a man selling music CD’s wearing a red shirt and had threatened him with a gun.

When officers arrived they confronted Alton Sterling, 37. An altercation between Sterling and officers occurred that resulted in police shooting and killing Sterling.

An autopsy confirmed that Sterling died from multiple gunshot wounds to the back and chest.

Baton Rouge Police have not identified the two officers involved in the shooting but did say that the officer was being put on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Shortly after the shooting, cell phone footage of the event was put online. The video showed the two officers on top of Sterling who was the ground. The officers could be heard saying that Sterling had a gun.

Baton Rouge Police say that the two officers were wearing body cameras but that both feel off during the struggle. Neither of the cameras captured the shooting.

Protesters came to the scene hours later after the video of the confrontation surfaced.

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