Miami, Fla.

A video has been released showing police in Miami shooting and the unarmed black man who was shot by police as lay in the street next to an autistic patient he was in charge of helping.

The video released on Wednesday showed an encounter between a North Miami police officer and behavioural therapist Charles Kinsey on Monday.

Kinsey was trying to calm an autistic patient who had run away from a group home. The patient was found by Kinsey sitting in the street playing with a white toy truck.

North Miami Police was responding to a 911 call about an armed man threatening suicide when they encountered Kinsey and the autistic patient. When police arrived, they found Kinsey lying on the ground with his hands in the air talking to the patient.

Officers were attempting to negotiate with the patient who was refusing to comply with officer’s orders for him to lie down. Kinsey can be heard in the video trying to get the patient to comply with the officer’s request.

At some point during the negotiation, an officer discharged his weapon striking Kinsey in the leg. Kinsey was later taken to the hospital. It is still unclear why the officer shot his gun and hit Kinsey who was on the ground trying to get the patient to comply with the officer’s instructions.

North Miami Police have said that the officer has been placed under administrative leave. An investigation has been turned over to the states attorneys office.

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