Palm Bay, Fla.

Police in Palm Bay was responding to a domestic violence call were forced to kill a man who had shot his wife.

Palm Bay Police was called to the home off Lockheed Street at around 7:17 p.m.

The woman inside the home called police saying that her husband was cutting himself and was armed with a gun. She had barricaded herself in the bathroom at one point.

As officers were on the way to the scene, the woman began to tell police that her husband was breaking in the door. As the woman was screaming the phone went dead.

Palm Bay police responded to the residence and set up a perimeter. SWAT members sent a robot into the house then busted through the door where they found the woman saying that she had been shot.

SWAT was getting the woman out of the house when they encountered the husband. Officers were forced to shot and kill the man during the encounter.

Police have not identified any of the parties involved.

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