Atlanta, GA

Passengers flying on Delta Air Lines are in for a stressful Monday after a computer failure from a power outage in Atlanta will cause “large-scale” flight cancellations.

According to Delta, a power outage at their corporate headquarters in Atlanta occurred at 2:30 a.m. That power outage impacted Delta’s computer systems worldwide.

The computer failure affected departing flights but did not impact any flights that were already in the air. The problems also extended to the showing of departure information on Delta’s website and in-airport information displays.

Employees at Delta check-in counters worldwide were forced to manually check in all passengers causing long lines at ticketing counters.

A statement was released by Delta early Monday saying, “Large-scale cancellations are expected today.”

Officials with Delta are encouraging all passengers to check Delta’s website for current departure information.

Delta is the third largest domestic carrier in the U.S. It serves about 190 million customers per year and employees over 80,000.

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